How Did Malala Change The World

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The world is never going to stay the same; it’s always changing and encountering new problems and discoveries. Along with the changes in the world, people change as well, but the reason why is often not found. Many people change because of the environment they are in and what’s currently going on in society. Women over the last few decades like Malala, Anne Frank, and Audrey Hepburn have been able to make a difference in society due to many factors like Women’s Rights, Democratic Restoration along with Poverty and Starvation from Nazi invasions. Malala Yousafzai is well known for her acts towards Women’s Rights due to the factors caused by the Taliban people. Malala (Biographyonline, Malala) was a regular Pakistan school girl when the Taliban started enforcing rules and restrictions against women. Women were no longer allowed to listen to music, receive education, or go shopping. If they did, they’d be punished by the Taliban. Malala loved school and refused to cower in fear like the rest of her classmates and community. Malala formed a secret blog with BBC expressing her feelings about how unfair women were being treated. Malala was then targeted by the Taliban and shot in the head. Malala suffered a coma, but…show more content…
There is no such thing as a perfect society and depending on the factors within that society we can determine why certain actions take place. Malala fought for women’s rights and education because of the harsh rulings by the Taliban people, Audrey Hepburn volunteered to help those in poverty because of the diary of Anne Frank and her childhood memories living during the Nazi invasions, and Benazir Bhutto became the first female leader of a muslim state because of the corrupted government ran in Pakistan. These women changed the world by criticizing the society they lived in and left behind a
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