How Did Manchuria Occur

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World War II In 1919, at the end of the Great War, the Big Four; the US, Great Britain, France, and Italy, were trying to figure out where to lay the blame. Great Britain and France wanted Germany to take all of the blame, which in turn would make it a very weak nation. The United States on the other hand did not want to blame anyone. The US, Great Britain, and France came up with the Treaty of Versailles. The United States came up with the League of Nations, but Britain and France were able to lay all of the blame on Germany, crippling them beyond repair, or so they thought. Since Germany took all the blame they felt the need for revenge, thus starting the territorial take over in 1936. World War II began when countries decided to start invading other. The US managed to stay out of the war for approximately two years, until they were dragged in by Japan, when the war was over all of the Axis powers received repercussions.
On September 18, 1931, eight years before the war began, Japan invaded Manchuria. China at the time was fighting a civil war; which made Manchuria the ideal expansion ("World War II: Timeline."). Manchuria was rich with natural resources and raw materials. If Japan could claim the land they would not have to rely on other countries for these resources. The resources would also help Japan
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“In Mid-May of 1939 the French promised the peoples of Poland that in the event of a German belligerence, France would in turn lead an offensive “no later than fifteen days after mobilization”. The promise was sealed in a solemn treaty between Poland and France” ("FRENCH AND BRITISH BETRAYAL OF POLAND IN 1939."). In less than a month Italy invaded and annexed Albania. Four months later Germany and the Soviet Union signed a nonaggression agreement, which promised that Germany nor the Soviet Union would invade one another for the next ten
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