How Did Mandela Contribute To Freedom

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Although black skin brought him limits, he contributed his whole life to the fight for the freedom. Although time made him lose his family and normal life, there was still the light of hope in his tired eyes. He is Mandela, the man who was born as a prince of a tribe, Thembu, but dedicated his whole life to the fighting for civil rights. He spent 27 years in the jail, but when he got released, he became the President of South Africa. Mandela’s leadership and commitment of civil rights brought him followers, and then his 27-year fighting brought liberty to his country. Mandela was such a man who stood with people, and he became a member of civil rights movement when he was a teenager. Mandela had a sense of equality even when he was a teenager. When he was the future king of his tribe, Thenbu, he attended a movement against an unreasonable segregation policy while he was studying for Fort Hare University. And he also became involved in anti-colonial politics when he lived…show more content…
In 1944, he became one of representatives of African National Congress, which was appealing non-violent fighting. However, the South Africa government forbad him to attend meetings in 1952, but Mandela still tried everything he could do to support the congress.
I believe that the government will announce the African National Congress and the South African Indian General Assembly as an illegal organization. Government seems bound to us as soon as possible to prohibit the work of a legitimate organization. And think of this, problem, I recommend the National Executive Committee must have a plan to deal with unexpected happens. I say that we, as leaders of the people, if there is no such program, that is dereliction of duty. National Executive Committee I drafted an ANC underground operation programs. This program was called Mandela Plan. (Long Walk to Freedom, chapter
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