How Did Martin Luther Contribute To The Reformation

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Reformation of The Christian History
Martin Luther, a German monk, started the biggest reformation in Christian history in 1517. Causing the reformation was the idea held by the Catholics that indulgences, or rather temporal pardons meant for the wrongdoings, were in a position of being achieved by the people who had the feeling that they had committed a sin. Martin Luther had chosen a path that needed dedication and sacrifice by fasting and dedicating his time to prayers (Luther & Dillenberger, 1961). The commitment that he made led to his realisation of how sinful he has been and this put him to anguish. Luther was facing so much anguish which forced the order for Luther to intitiate instructions in academics. Later on he was ordained into the priesthood in 1508. He was awarded a doctorate in 1512 and started teaching theology at Wittenberg. At the university is when he started to question the doctrines that were been followed by the roman church. He developed a strong feeling on matters concerning penance, salvation and the righteous way of life, and this formed a strong basis of his believe. According to him, salvation was a gift from God could not be given by anyone or be found through
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Through his excommunication, the Lutheran Church was founded and the right to the freedom of religion. In addition, this movement led to the establishment of the Protestantism where they shared similar belief strategies and divergences regarding their religion. The translated bible was easy to understand and this made it easy for the Luther doctrine to spread since people would read for themselves and interpret for themselves. This lead to an increase in protestation as people felt that the clergy misguided them. While in exile, he often made forays to the towns that were close with the aim of listening and understand the language of the common man and use the language in his
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