How Did Martin Luther King Contribute To Me

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Martin Luther King is a very inspirational person for many particular reasons. Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929. His father was a pastor for the Ebenezer Baptist Church which inspired him to be a Baptist minister. Dr. King married Coretta Scott and the had four children ( He was a huge leader in the Civil Rights Movement that started in the mid-1950s. Martin Luther King was a huge social activist in the movement and believed in nonviolent protesting ( Martin Luther King is an inspiration to me because of his leadership, bravery, and patience. Dr. King showed many traits of having leadership. Martin Luther King was one of the leaders who came up with the Montgomery city bus boycott. This protest was inspired by the arresting of 42 year old Rosa Parks, who would not give up her seat on the bus to white gentlemen ( In February 1960, Dr. King created a nonviolent protest called the “sit-in”. These protests about …show more content…

Dr. King definitely showed this trait just because he was literally willing to die for the cause. Martin Luther King had some guts because when him and 36 other people were doing a segregated counter serving restaurant protest, they were all arrested. Atlanta’s mayor released some of the charges, but King still had to go through some jail time. He was arrested a total of 30 times throughout his dangerous life of upholding racial equality ( Martin’s house was also attacked during the Montgomery bus boycott. There were many death threats and terrible letters sent to him and his family ( Dr. King though knew that it may be scary trying to keep the Civil Rights Movement going, but it will be worth it. Martin was also brave of risking the lives of other people to uphold this dream of his in mind. This is how brave Martin Luther King actually

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