How Did Martin Luther King Jr Affect The Black Community

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Selecting a topic is difficult enough when that topic is an influential person on today’s society. There are many influential people of our past and present therefore I can imagine to difficulty of the decision. It is much easier to contributed to mass amounts of Anguish that left people distraught than that of a positive situation. while many people decide to choose a negative topic my group shows Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was a man with a dream, space this dream consisted of black and white children being able to play together. I personally was not a part of the decision since I was not a part of the school at that time however I do believe that Martin Luther King played a big role and how the black community is represented…show more content…
in order to learn how Martin Luther King jr. affected the black and white Community positively and negatively I had to conduct the research including primary and secondary sources. While finding these sources I came across see the basis that we're both trustworthy and untrustworthy. To take notes for my project I used my annotated bibliography. my annotated bibliography allowed me to keep track of the sources that I found and what I would be using in my project. in order to finally sources my partner and I worked together as a team to find sources. the benefit of working together was that if we made a mistake the other person would see it and be able to let the other person know their personal opinion of it. our rough draft allowed us to converse with her teachers and get a second opinion on how a paper and project were coming
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