How Did Martin Luther Respond To Censorship Of The Catholic Church?

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Many people who professed their faith to the Catholic Church started to second guess themselves on believing in the Catholic religion. Their main problem with the Church was that the Church sold lies in the form of an indulgence to their loyal worshippers. Few were able to write about their hatred for indulgences because the writing in the time period was censored by the Church itself. The people needed something so that they could speak out about the Church’s wrongdoings and Johannes Gutenberg had a neat idea to solve their problem. Gutenberg made it possible to print articles and books without the Church’s approval with his printing press (Waugh). This created the perfect opportunity for a man named Martin Luther. This man, had this great idea, and now he had a way to show it to other people. He printed his ideologies non-stop with the new Printing press (Kramer). People found out about what the Catholic Church was doing to them because of Martin Luther’s idea. The people rallied behind Martin Luther. He and his people formed their own Church which started the split of the Church and beginning of the Reformation.This all comes…show more content…
Martin Luther was hated so much by the church he was considered a heretic. They could not capture him easily so they tried to tell people bad things about him in the news. But Luther had an antidote for what the Church said about him. It was to use his Printing Press because… “ He was able to respond quickly to his opponents because pamphlets could be produced expeditiously”(Waugh) Whenever his opponents would attack him, he could respond very quickly. Again his printing press was like instant messaging. No one could penetrate his image toward the public because he defended it so well. So while no one could penetrate his image, he kept printing speedily and kept gaining followers. He became a leader and lead his people to the splitting of the
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