How Did Mesopotamians Build Ziggurats

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Mesopotamia was one of the first known civilizations. The Mesopotamians were expert architects. ¨There was not many trees in the desert. So the Sumerians had to use what was available to make buildings.They were first to make mud bricks. They used these bricks to make temples for their gods. These special temples were called Ziggurats.¨ They made humongous Ziggurats out of mud bricks.There were temples on the top to worship their many gods. ¨The Babylonians built Ziggurats high into the sky to make it easy for their gods to visit. The Babylonians were able to build really tall ziggurats making it very easy for their gods to visit.¨ They wanted the ziggurats to reach heaven.¨ They were the first to make mud bricks¨. The mesopotamians had the

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