How Did Mexican Architecture Influence The Spanish Architecture During The Romanesque Period

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Arts and literature- Spanish paintings became popular during the Romanesque period. During the middle ages, many aspects of art became important like the manuscripts that were mainly written for religious purposes. The manuscripts during the medieval period depicted the life of the people then like how they dressed, what food they ate and their many ceremonies. There were many manuscripts written by a Spanish king called Alfonso X the Castilian King. There was a transition in the history of Spanish art from the Romanesque to gothic art. The Romanesque art had to do with miniature pieces of art but during the gothic period many of the acts produced then were stained glasses. Spanish paintings in the 19th century was filled with the customs and…show more content…
At a point in history a lot of moors occupied a great portion of Spain and they created some beautiful architecture with a Spanish twist to it which includes the great mosque of Cordoba which has a church embedded in it. Throughout history the Spanish architecture has been shaped by the changing trends in Europe. In the start of the 12th century the gothic style was introduced which greatly influenced the styles in the buildings like the cathedral of Toledo, Burgos and Leon. The renaissance trend in Europe greatly influenced the Spanish architecture. Spanish architectures were not just about buildings they were also a means of communication. Each architecture that was created reflected the community’s values, pursuits and culture. Each Spanish building erected showed the dominance of a cultural group in the community and the geographical area it was erected in showed the extent of their power and dominance. Such buildings often bore an identifying sign for example the sign of a church was different from that of a mosque. The church’s sign was significantly that of a cross while that of a mosque bore that of a crescent moon and a star and it signified the significance or dominance of a religious group or cultural group in that area. The middle ages were an exciting period in the history of Spanish architecture and it was at that time there was the entrance of the moors which means Muslim in Spanish. And there was a clash between Muslims and Christians in that time of history. At that time the Christians and Muslims emerged their cultures together to form the Mozarabic architecture. It was not uncommon to see a church being converted to a mosque and vice versa. The great church of Cordoba with a church embedded in it was a good opportunity to see how Christians and Muslims saw their relationship with
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