How Did Michelangelo Influence Art

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Michelangelo was an Art prodigy in florence during the renaissance and attended the
Medici Arts school. The Medici’s had control over the entire florentine government, and the italian states. They were very influential in art because they patronized artists to commission works that spread the ideas of the renaissance like secularism, humanism, civiculism . When
Michelangelo was 13 he was criticized and motivated by Lorenzo Medici to improve his work, thereafter he strived for greatness. Lorenzo recognized this and took Michelangelo into the Medici Family. There he was recognized as a prodigy and was able to apprentice famous artists of the time, Brunelleschi and
Botticelli. He was only able to do this because of the medici’s influence. This
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This helped pave the road for other artists and people of the renaissance.
Religiously, by michelangelo painting the Sistine chapel he left a lasting impression on
Catholicism by suggesting the certain standard of religious art capture the beauty of divinity and this was displayed at one of the most prestigious and renowned churches in Europe. His religious depictions in the chapel are very famous and recognized as symbols of culture and religion.
Michelangelo was able to achieve fame and wealth during his lifetime which is a common characteristic of famous renaissance artists. This is important because it shows how they were able to work their way to the top of the social ladder and become renowned and respected for their accomplishments during their lifetime. This is a sharp contrast to other time periods where art and culture is under valued. Because the renaissance is one of the most distinct periods in history of cultural appreciation the artists of the time were known as contributors to the ideas and progression of the renaissance, where culture and art was the most important form of currency in the upper
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