How Did Mike Pearson Build The Stonehenge

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Stonehenge, a megalithic architecture on Salisbury Plain in southern England, was first built during Neolithic period. The whole construction took a few phrases starting in 3000 BCE and stretching over approximately fifteen hundred years. It was complete during the Bronze period. The Stonehenge had stood the trial of time, and the wonder it created makes more and more people today to think about questions like: who built it? How they built it? and why they built it? A group of archaeologists, led by Mike Parker Pearson, conducted a magnificent project that revealed some secrets of Stonehenge. Pearson’s team first dug the those cremated bone of prehistoric people that were buried around the Stonehenge. These bones showed that at least 50 individuals were buried in the site, and most of they were male adults during the summer of their lives. So, the Pearson’s team believes these people, who buried in the Stonehenge must be special chosen. Who were they? Mike Pearson suspected that they were a group of people with special political statues or men in loyal lineages. Perhaps, one loyal family marshaled the…show more content…
How did stone age people accomplish these vast amount of work? During a excavation, the Pearson’s team found a pick made of antler of red deer. Stone age people used these antler picks to dug the ditches and pits of the Stonehenge. But, how do they move stone to where they need to be? Some stones weight up 45 tons. The method is still unknown. Many archeologists have their guesses such as roller made of tree trunks, timber tracks with grease. A new theory was suggested by the Andrew Young in his Ph.D. thesis that stone age people might know how to use a ball-rolling technology to move large stones. Once stones were move to the location, they were carved to desired shape by hammer stones, which was found near the Stonehenge. The construction of Stonehenge is liked the space progrom for modern time
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