How Did Nebuchadnezzar Influence Mesopotamian Civilization

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King Nebuchadnezzar was one of the bigger influences of what the Mesopotamians did at the time of his ruling. Nebuchadnezzar II was the son of Nabopolassar, the liberator king of Babylonia after three centuries under Assyrian rule. Nabopolassar died around 605Bc which left his son a lot of work to do. This included having to accomplish political stability and wealth with which to expand and strengthen the empire Nebuchadnezzar built (ALL MESOPOTAMIA).
King Nebuchadnezzar II had a good start at being leader from the work that his dad started or completed prior to his rule. Nebuchadnezzar’s father Nabopolassar had defeated the Assyrians with the help of the Medes and liberated Babylonia from the Assyrian rule. This provided Nebuchadnezzar with a stable base and ample wealth on which to build, an opportunity for greatness which he took full advantage of. He married Amytis of Media, which secured an alliance between
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The land was used wisely and adjusted to help grow different crops that would help with the survival of the civilization. There were different ideas and strategies that helped to make the Mesopotamian civilization advance. Religion, agriculture, writings, and other parts of the civilization are what helped advance the culture (Geography Challenge). This civilization had the right idea of what to do and how to react in order to advance. Precautions were taken and different military tactics were used against enemy forces to flourish the survival of the Mesopotamian society (TimeMaps.). The Mesopotamians were overall a complex and smart civilization. There were qualities and specific traits that the Mesopotamian developed that helped make this civilization as important as is. Different mathematical, scientific, and agricultural methods were developed that people still use to this day. Without this civilization, society today could possibly be a different place
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