How Did New York Times Promote Diversity?

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The New York Times is a current newspaper in circulation. It has been around for about one hundred and sixty years. This newspaper has published thousands upon thousands of articles while it has a little over one million subscribers. The New York Times company sustains itself within three ethical values, which are fairness, integrity, and truth. The company also bases its standards on diversity by promoting that “great organizations thrive and grow on a diversity of thought and ideas. The New York Times statement of values calls for us to embrace diversity and inclusion” (“Who We Are: Diversity”, 2016). This company not only has a diverse work force, but it has a striving focus to produce diverse stories from societies that acquire various people with different backgrounds.
Just like any other newspaper, the New York Times has published stories that receive both positive and negative feedback
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v. United States was solely based on the concept of prior restraint. Within the Pentagon Papers, the documents enclosed information that the government was expanding the boundaries of the Vietnam War, and it’s bombings, out to Cambodia and Laos. Particular members of the government allotted the agreement to keep these files confidential. Now that Daniel Ellsberg accessed these documents, and unmasked the to New York Times, these secluded documents would become known to all. The moment it was discovered that Ellsberg exposed such obscure information, the court put out an order to halt any other publication of this information. However, concluding this case, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the decision that granted newspapers the freedom to publish the content of the Pentagon papers. This was not an easy decision for the Supreme Court to make. Not every Justice agreed that the press should be administered the freedom of publishing classified government information without withstanding some form of censorship or
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