How Did Nicholas Sarkozy Ban The Construction Of More Minarets?

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Amidst the furore instigated by the Swiss minaret referendum in 2009 (Migration Policy Institute, 2009), former French president Nicolas Sarkozy voiced his sympathy and his understanding for the collective decision to ban the construction of more minarets within Switzerland through an article titled "Respecter ceux qui arrivent, respecter ceux qui accueillent" (Sarkozy, 2009b). Sarkozy’s article first appeared in the December 8th publication of Le Monde— a French daily newspaper— in 2009, and was subsequently edited and translated by The Guardian, an English news agency based in the United Kingdom (Sarkozy, 2009a). It is of importance to note that this discourse is based on the translated (English) version of Sarkozy’s article. Given the nature of translations, expressions and connotations from the original commentary may be altered and hence, discrepancies may arise.…show more content…
Although his argument may seem compelling upon first glance, due to Sarkozy’s vast omission of crucial information, it is evident that his claims are incomplete, erroneous, and moreover, a perversion of what he purports. This paper attempts to present a thorough exposition of Sarkozy’s argument, confront his baseless conclusions by considering and highlighting four factors: the background and cause of the Swiss minaret vote, the opposition and their perspective, the image and lives of Muslims in Switzerland and France, and the development of populism; additionally, to provide a retort to potential
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