How Did Noddack Contribute To Chemistry

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Ida Noddack, a German chemist born on February 25, 1896 in Wesel, Germany, co-discovered element 75, Rhenium, and was the first person to propose the idea of nuclear fusion. Noddack had studied at the Technical University in Berlin, where she also successfully received a bachelor's and doctoral degree. By 1925, the discovery of Rhenium had been confirmed by Noddack and her husband, Walter Noddack, along with another partner by the name of, Otto Carl Berg. Shortly after, in 1939, Noddack had asserted her discovery of nuclear fission. Noddack then retired by 1968 and had passed away 10 years later on September 24,1978, in Bad Neuenahr, Germany; however, her contribution to chemistry lives on today. In 1871, Russian chemist, Dmitry Mendeleyev
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