How Did Otto Hahn Greatest Impact

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Each and every scientist has different achievements and different impacts to the world. Otto Hahn, a German scientist, is also one of the scientists who created a great impact on the world. His discovery opened up a new era in human history. In this paper, you would find out what he did and how his discovery did creates an impact to this world; but first, lets takes a look at how did he become a scientist.
On March 8, 1879, a boy was born into a glazier family and was named Otto Hahn. Since he was a kid his parents wanted him to become an architect. However, he decided to study chemistry at the University of Marburg. As he grew up, he became interested in industrial career. Because his intended employer planned to use him in the international
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Hahn was awarded the Nobel Prize for 1944 and was profoundly affected by the announcement of the explosion of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima in 1945. On his return to Germany he was elected president of the former Kaiser Wilhelm Society (renamed the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science) and became a respected public figure, a spokesman for science, and a friend of Theodor Heuss, the first president of the Federal Republic of Germany. Honours came to him from all sides. He campaigned against further development and testing of nuclear weapons. This period of his life was saddened, however, by the loss of his only son, Hanno, and his daughter-in-law, who were killed in an automobile accident in 1960. His wife never recovered from the shock. Hahn died in 1968, after a fall; his wife survived him by only two…show more content…
Hahn’s founding of nuclear fission had created a big change to the world both during and after the time he lives. The tremendous implications of this discovery have led to study on possible military developments. Fission products are produced in nuclear weapon explosions, with the amount depending on the type of weapon. The largest source of fission products is from nuclear reactor. Some fission products are also used in industrial inventions and innovations. For example, some ion can react with steel surfaces to form a corrosion resistant layer. In this way, it renders the steel surface passive. In a similar way the release of radio-iodine in a serious power reactor accident could be retarded by adsorption on metal surfaces within the nuclear plant. Furthermore, nuclear fission also takes part in medicine areas. Currently, nuclear fission is not used directly in medicine, however radiation, radioactive isotopes, and scanning devices (X-Rays, CAT scans e.t.c.) that use radiation are. All of these inventions and innovation would not exist without his discovery. Therefore, I feel very thankful for his discovery and the things he have brought up to this
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