How Did Pain Use Concepts Of Equality And British Control Of The Colonies?

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1. How did Pain use concepts of equality, reason, and nature to criticize the legitimacy of the monarchial government and British control of the colonies?
Thomas Paine believed that the selection of Kings was unnatural because people are born into being Kings and nothing assures that the person will be a good leader. Just because your father was a good leader does not mean that you will be one. Paine states that nature would disapprove it, and that we should not give mankind “an ass for a lion”1. He says that when we were created we were all created equal. The British had so much control no one could do anything about it. They could not overcome the government and it made the colonists feel useless. This is exactly why Paine criticized the monarchial government because they were indeed doing everything unfairly and doing it only to benefit themselves.
2. What arguments did Paine give for Independence? How were his observations about monarchy connected to his reasons for independence? Why did he propose that the law should be “King of America”?
In Paine’s argument for independence, he says people seem to think that America prospered under Great Brittan. However, Paine thinks the colonists would have been better off if no European power had been a part of America. America bragged about how great Brittan had protected them, and they seemed to never realize that Great Brittan was just using them for their own benefit. Some colonists make excuses, saying that Great Brittan is…

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