How Did Peter The Great Reform Russia

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Peter the great, the ruler of Russia from (1672-1725). Was an ambitious person who wanted to reform Russia and built them into a great nation. Peter the great focused on developing science in his nation by inviting people who are expert in the science field that will teach his people about the technological advancement. Peter the great also promoted secular education. Russia’s industrial development was boosted under the leadership of Peter the great with trade flourishing. Peter the great also focused on building strong Navy. I would like to meet Peter the great because he was a very important figure in the history of Russia and he also one of the most powerful person in Europe during his time of ruling of Russia. He also seems to have a very interesting personality that…show more content…
The people who were being accused of witchcraft were being portrayed as worshipers of the devil. The Witch- Hunting in Europe rose at its peak in between the 16th century and 17th century. There were between 600 and 650 people were arrested for witch craft in France region of Languedoc alone. I think that people who were accused of practicing witch craft have suffred the greatest injustice partially because they were innocent there wasn’t a legit evidence that proves that they practice witch craft. They were rather forced to falsely to admit that they have confessed to devil in order for them to avoid of being tortured more. These people were being exectuted for something that have not done and there was no such of evidence that proves that they have been practicing witch crafting. These people where innocent people and they were being punished and executed for something that is not actually
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