How Did Queen Elizabeth Influence The World

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“Queen Elizabeth's long and mainly peaceful reign has been marked by vast changes in her people's lives, in her country's power, how Britain is viewed abroad and how the monarchy is regarded and portrayed” ( Editors- Queen Elizabeth II). Elizabeth has been the Queen of England for 65 years, making her the first British monarch to accomplish this. To become more familiar with the ruling of Elizabeth II, one should know about her early life, her accession to throne, her role as the Head of the Commonwealth Nations, and her multitude of accomplishments. Queen Elizabeth was brought up in a very privileged and comfortable lifestyle. Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926 in London, and was never expected to become the queen. Elizabeth…show more content…
She made her first radio broadcast when she was 14 and was named the queen of England at age 25. “Ruler Elizabeth II has always been a vital piece of the progressing change of the old British domain into the new British Commonwealth, and its present day successor (“The Common”). Some of her duties include: being the host to the Heads of States of the Commonwealth domains and holding investitures in Britain and other Commonwealth nations, at which she exhibits respects to individuals who have separated themselves out in the open life (“The Extremely”). Queen Elizabeth has an award named after her called, "The Elizabeth Cross." The Elizabeth Cross Award was started in 2009; it recognizes families of Armed Forces Personnel lives' identity's lost securing their nation. An award hasn't been named after a reigning monarch since 1940. The Elizabeth Cross is made of hallmarked silver and is as a cross with a shrub wreath going between the arms (“Her Majesty’s”). Queen Elizabeth is known to be a very wise and good ruler and is well respected. She celebrated her diamond jubilee in 2012. A diamond jubilee is the sixtieth anniversary of a notable event, especially a sovereign's accession or the foundation of an organization. In 2012, Elizabeth II became the first sovereign after King George III to have participated in the peacetime Cabinet meeting. On 4 April 2013, she got a privileged BAFTA for her support of the film business, and was called "the most memorable Bond young lady yet" at the honor service. (“Queen Elizabeth”). “BAFTA” stands for British Academy of Film and Television Arts. "On September 9, 2015, she became the longest-ruling monarch of UK" (“The
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