How Did Rhea Influence Cronus And Zeus

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Having too much pride can be a destructive. Imagine having to sacrifice your kids life just to keep your husband happy. Rhea the mother of six supreme gods loved her kids unconditionally but unfortunately had a husband that was jealous of his own children. She was then forced into giving her children up to be swallowed upon birth, so that cronus never had to fear over the prophecy. Rhea the mother of several supreme gods, was able to protect what she believed in, even if it interfered with what her significant other (Cronus) believed in and what he stood for.
Rhea is an ancient goddess and was the daughter of a much earlier generation of gods, Uranus and Gaea. She was well known to be a titan goddess of fertility and was identified with the magna mater (mother of gods). According to orphic hymn Rhea was also described to be the “supreme mother goddess.” (Šimon, B. 2016)
Rhea represented the “eternal flow of time”, because of her marriage to cronus and he was sometimes related to time (Atsma, A. (2016). Rhea also represented
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Cronus was not pleased with her decision once he found out and was always on guard knowing that zeus was anywhere. soon zeus grew up in mount dicte and when he got older he went to mount othrys and imposed as a cupbearer and mixed a potion in cronus drink that would make him vomit his children. Soon after that a ten year war between zeus and olympians against cronus and the titans begun and zeus and the olympians defeated them. Zeus and the olympians soon became the next rulers just like cronus and his brothers had become. When zeus overthrown his father it demonstrated that history repeated itself because of rhea (Šimon, B. 2016). In the end Rhea use what she believed what was right and what she represented to make things right even if it interfered with what her husband (Cronus) had planned to do or prevent from

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