How Did Richmond Changed And Shaped During The American Revolution?

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How was Richmond changed and shaped during the American Revolution? How did people live? What was the reason Richmond fell and how during the civil war? From the first large fight at Manassas at Bull Run in 1861 to the surrender of Lee 's army at Appomattox in 1865, Virginia stayed in the headlines throughout the Civil War. More than 2,000 "military dealings" were reported in Virginia during the time of the war, more than any other country at that time. Nothing got saved, with the battles that fought deep in the mountains all the way to the Atlantic coast. Virginia experienced a long history that began before the Civil War. When the Revolution had ended at Yorktown, and the names of Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Henry were known …show more content…

U.S. Major Robert Anderson occupied the unfinished fort in December 1860 following South Carolina’s secession from the Union, initiating a standoff with the state militia forces. When President Abraham Lincoln announced plans to resupply the fort, Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard shelled Fort Sumter in April of 1861. After a 34 hour exchange, Anderson and his soldiers surrendered the fort. Confederate troops then would come to occupy fort Sumter for almost four years, before abandoning the fort prior to William Truman’s capture of Charleston in February 1865. (The Civil War: Primary Documents on Events from 1860 to 1865, 79) In April of 1861 with Virginia 's secession from the Union, Richmond, in Central Virginia, was named the Capitol of the Confederacy. The Confederate government moved the capital to Richmond. The move Just confirmed the state new identity and to make sacred the rebellion by connecting it with the American Revolution. Most important however hundreds of factories, whose output were nearly the amount that the rest of the Confederacy were bringing with them. As capital of the Confederacy, the city’s population soon grew. The amplified rank of the city caused both sides to focus their efforts on that city to either capture it or its defense. Richmond was the home of three different governments during the war, city, state, and the Confederate. When the war

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