How Did Rock Music Influence The Music Of The 20th Century

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Music styles of different time periods influenced the diversity of many genres. The music styles and genres of the 20th century all started from one point and continue to expand over time. The style of jazz music built the basis for rock ‘n’ roll music, and the style of rock ‘n’ roll music built the basis for pop music. Basic rhythms, inspirational lyrics, and the emotion the music style exerts all contribute to the creation of new genres. The process of evolution influenced by multiple styles created the music of the 20th Century. The prominent music of the early 20th century was the sleek rhythms of jazz and blues. The field hollers, hymns, and work songs from African Americans in the 1800s created the base for jazz music. Until 1901, improvisation,…show more content…
Twenties jazz, 50s rock, and 80s hip hop determined the sound the pop genre. The sound consisted of simple and clean repeating melodies with a beat to dance to. The creation of pop music occurred around the time of the invention of the television making it accessible to mass market around the world (Pop Music). With the outbreak of rock ‘n’ roll in the 50s, the 60s consisted of the reinvention of rock ‘n’ roll by John Lennon, Eric Clapton, and Mick Jagger. The Beatles also reinvented the rock ‘n’ roll sound to pop during the British Invasion as rock ‘n’ roll’s fresh and early energy of the 50s and early 60s had declined (Norton, 823). The Beatles influenced the pop genre commercially and artistically by validating that rock ‘n’ roll could “embrace a limitless variety of harmonies, structures, and sounds” (The Beatles Bio). Disco and dance music emerged from the pop genre in the 70s. The ephemeral disco era influenced the style of music from artists Rod Stewart and Diana Ross through the rhythms and tunes of music from stars like The Bee Gees and Gloria Gaynor (Popular Music). Stars such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Prince began to emerge in the 80s, and they influenced American music through up and coming music videos. They also influenced prominent 80s fashion trends that were portrayed through their music videos. Artists of the 80s continued to revive their music personal styles to keep up with the youth of the new generations (Music Played). Ambitious boy bands influenced the pop music of the 90s era. East 17 and Take that in Britain influenced America’s Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. Boy Bands of the 90s were stereotyped for their matching outfits, synchronized dancing, and fetching songs (The History of Pop Music). The genre of pop music, along with rock ‘n’ roll and old jazz, continues to change and grow through
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