How Did Salvador Dali Contribute To Surrealism?

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Dali had an older brother also named Salvador Dali, who died of gastroenteritis, and a younger sister named Anna Maria Dali. “At the age of 5, Dali was taken to his brother’s grave and told by his parents that he was a reincarnated image of his brother’s which Dali soon started believing.” (famous people staff) “In the metaphysical prose he frequently used, Dalí recalled, "[we] resembled each other like two drops of water, but we had different reflections." He "was probably a first version of myself, but conceived too much in the absolute."” (The Art Story Staff)

Dali’s parents knew he was talented even at a young age, although his mother was more encouraging than his father, because his father had an old-fashioned mind set and was very strict, he was only six years old when he finished his first ever painting, Landscape Near Figueres. His parents sent him to an art school in 1922, the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando (School of Fine Arts). Dali was experimenting with mainly three different styles of art, impressionism, futurism, and cubism. All of this led to him becoming a surrealist artist. Since there wasn’t a Cubism artist in Madrid Dali found his inspiration for Cubism art from magazines Dali caught the attention of the other students with his art that focused on Cubism art form along with his personality and the way
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I think that surrealism is a great way to escape reality and create a new one. In my opinion Dali is one of the best surrealist artist because he does a very good job of creating unthinkable, crazy scenes that have so much going on and so much detail. The art that he creates is completely impossible but he makes everything so realistic because he proportions everything perfectly and knows where to place objects in his paintings. I think that the best part of Dali’s art is that in his surrealism paintings nobody ever knows for sure, what is happening
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