How Did Sandinistas Cause A Domino Effect In Latin America?

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Background of the covert arms supply After 1979 revolution, U.S. supported regime was replaced by a leftist government, which was undesirable among the U.S. officials. Starting from 1981 to 1990, the U.S. was involved in constant attempts to overthrow the Sandinista’s government. This case of covert action, in fact, is considered to be as one of the most intensive and enduring in the U.S. history (Leogrande 1996, 329). Forsythe (1992) in his analysis, qualifies Nicaragua as an elected government that was targeted by the U.S., because of its fear that socialist reforms planned by Sandinistas might have caused a domino effect in Latin America in spreading the communist ideology, which consequently would have threatened the security interests
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