How Did Schoemaker Study In America With Frank Llyod Wright?

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Schoemaker study in America with Frank Llyod Wright. After he completed his study Schomaker make an Architecture Firm, the firm was C.P. Schoemaker en Associatie, Architecten en Ingenieurs in 1918. In addition he has served as a professor and lecture of Architecture at Technische Hogeschool Bandung or batter know Bandung Institute of Technologhy in 1924-1939. One of his student was Ir.Soekarno. After that schoemaker made his debut in the Dutch East Indies Netherlands in 1920. Schoemaker’s designs was a blending of East and west culture. This can be seen on the Villa Isola building orientation using the North-South axis. The orientation of the building appear to Tangkuban Perahu mountain. The other building forms is the roof at Villa
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