How Did Scout Set A Watchman

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Have you ever felt like you wee never afraid to speak your mind? That is what Jean Louise Finch(Scout) felt like throughout this book. It is full of old things that Scout has missed out on, and worse things yet to come. Go Set a watchman was written by the now deceased Harper Lee. This book shows what the south is all about: money and drama.

The setting of this book is Alabama. It is mainly the town we know and love called Maycomb. The time period is the 1950's. The town has changed a lot from her childhood home being torn apart to Finch's Landing being sold to a hunting club. i believe Lee chose this sort of setting to show what the south was really like during this time period, considering she based this book off of her experiences.

The main character of this book was the girl who never seemed to get out of old habits that we love, Jean
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Lee gives this message off by showing that these situations actually do happen in real life and it not your regular fiction story. an example of this is when Jean Louise proves to attics that she has grown up and can fight for what she believes in. I think that Lee wanted to show people that life was harder than you think in that time period. Most people try to forget, but she kept it alive to remind us that we can't change history. This book was different than I expected to be. Since Harper lee did not have much say in this book being released, it was forced upon her and It was not as good as To Kill a Mockingbird. It did not hold my Interest as much as I thought it would. I have always enjoyed Lee's way of writing and I am glad she decided to switch the person up a bit from first to third. I would recommend this book to a friend only to read it and seeing what it is all about. i would do this only because I didn't like it very much as I mentioned before. I did enjoy reading it, but not necessarily the way I came to read
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