Shi Huangdi Censorship

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The Power of Media Censorship
The emperor Shi Huangdi has a pretty big record for being one of China’s evilest and somewhat greatest emperor. He was the leader of the Qin dynasty in 221 B.C. and had also fought and united all of the states into one country that today is known as China. The big question that comes to mind for me is did Shi Huangdi end all of the wars happening within what is China today or did he just start a bigger war?
He enforced the thought system of Legalism which rewarded the good and punished the bad (Media Censorship: Good or Bad?). Shi Huangdi was a harsh and an unfair leader and as result of this, his leadership did not benefit the citizens in society (Media Censorship: Good or Bad?). Today, China’s government seems to follow Shi Huangdi’s methods of rule. The practical style of
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Shi Huangdi would execute the scholars who thought poorly of him. Once he was told that scholars were talking behind his back, he had then ordered the arrest of over four hundred scholars and buried them (Qin Shi). Today in China, scholars would just get arrested. The level of intensity of these punishments are not as bad as they were during the Qin dynasty. Censorship, however, is heavily enforced. Even though the Chinese government is not as disciplinary when enforcing media censorship today, modern day China has taken great leaps to enforce media censorship.
China today still follows a similar style of governing by blocking websites, altering news and punishing scholars (Buckley). In addition, due to the concealment of information citizens of China are living life in ignorance (Buckley). These actions might jeopardize the prosperity of China in the future just as it did during the Qin Dynasty. Ceasing media censorship now in China may benefit their society in the years a head due to all of the conflict in the apparent world around
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