How Did Slavery Go Back After The Civil War

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I agree with Fields, separating from Great Britain and establishing the independence with leaving out slavery. Slavery should not be inherited because the colonist left Great Britain to seek freedom and freedom of religion. When Abraham Lincoln was president the south knew they would separate from the union and create a division within the country. With the cotton gin machinery slaves were able to produce from one pound of cotton every ten hours to one thousand pounds a day. Due to the cotton gin slave owners sought an increase in slaves for more production of cotton. As president Lincoln passed laws giving slaves more rights, the south feared that the northerners would teach the slaves to kill their owners in their sleep. With a wide spread…show more content…
With Fort Sumter being the first battle from the confederacy against abolitionist and ending it with that Manassa battle the union's defeat showed Lincoln the war would be long. The northerners being more industrialized than the south they were able to defeat the confederacy. Free black slaves in the north helped fight the Civil War to gain equality and freedom to all men. The war was about a new birth of freedom. In slave plantations, they were hoiused in shacks spreading diseases, less than four out of one hundred survived till sixty. The southerners knowing the north was far more better economically, still didn't think of changing their way of lifestyle over slavery. A white man being killed over slavery, sparked protest and meeting all over the north, discovering slavery would become a issue in war. When Lincoln was president he wanted the declaration of independence to express that all men can go as far as talent can take them. South feared the North would abolish slavery and North felt the South would expand slavery
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