Essay on How Did Sohan Lal Effectively Manage Village Affairs

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1. How did Sohan Lal effectively manage village affairs, despite any formal education in management? Support your answers with specific situations from the case. How did Sohan Lal, the chairman of Sitara managed to become an important person in the village despite his lack of education? With creativity. Sohan Lal is a very creative person not only does he manage to resolve different kinds of situations but also manages to get the support of different entities, organisations and people with persuasion and determination. Sohan Lal always keeps in mind his main objective which is to: “ensure the sustainable rural development of the village”. A good example of persuasion and determination is when Sohan Lal personally went to visit some…show more content…
This will ensure transparency within the members of the Panchayat as the fieldworkers will constantly have a say about the different projects in the village. During these meetings, another suggestion would be for Sohan Lal to present a minimum of four different projects that would be voted by all the members. This will ensure that the allocation given by the MNREGA would not go to waste, as they will take the project number 2 if a problem arises. The idea of including the fieldworkers during the numerous meetings is a way to give them the opportunity of choosing what projects they want to work on to improve the quality of life of all the population. Finally, another suggestion would be for Sohan Lal and his team to make sure that there is a strong system of justice in the village. It is important for the population to know that there are rules to follow in the village, and to set balance of the rights and obligations each members of the society have. 3. What was the dilemma faced by Sohan Lal in relation to the pond renovation project? The MNREGA accepted to give an allocation to the village so that Sohan Lal and his team can manage to renovate the pond using an excavator loader machine called a JCB (funds that need to be use for a purpose of rural development activities only). The JCB machine would do most of the excavating work.

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