How Did Steve Jobs Changed The World

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There are many influential people in the world today. Many of which are talked about but some are not considered influential. Steve Jobs is one that is not talked about as an influential American often. Steve Jobs, the man behind Apple, changed the world in many ways for the better including technological advances, charity and a man to look up to. He came up with many innovative ideas and put them in the making and the majority of people use his products on a day to day basis. He has not only changed the world in a technology sense but also many more.

Steve Jobs changed the way people around the world looked at and used technology. Job's introduction to computers was through a summer job at Hewlett-Packard. This was very important because here he met Steve Wozniak, an electronics guru according to many. Although both Jobs and Wozniak were both extremely talented, they dropped out of their respected colleges soon after meeting. Steve Jobs went to Reed College
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There are rumors that he was not a good guy but there are many accounts saying that is not true. Many people who were close to Steve Jobs or worked for him said he was a good guy but very into work. Many of those same people asked the question “how would he have had such a good and big work force if no one worked for him?” to the critics. He is an inspiration story many people know and look up to. He alone proved that you do not need much to be successful and happy in life. He started from nothing and made his way up to being worth billions before he died but he was never all about the money. “Being the richest man in the cemetery does not matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we have done something wonderful … that is what matters to me,” said Jobs in a 1993 interview with The Wall Street Journal. Steve jobs has inspired and motivated many people to do great things with his life and story of his
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