How Did Steve Jobs Contribute To The World

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There might be several individuals who contributed to the empowerment of mankind in any way they can. Some of them might have done great for the better- ment of the lifestyle of everyone involved, while others might have served as an inspiration to the majority of people because of their memorable contribution.
One of the great individuals who became such an inspiration to many, particularly to business owners across the globe is none other than, Steve Jobs; the man be- hind Apple. Many consider him as one of the world’s most inspiring innovators with one of the greatest minds of all time. The thing that makes him worthy of this is his determination and passion to finish what he started, and improve upon it over time.
How can we define
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Just like them,
Steve Jobs had his own decision and order of doing things. It is not common for just any man to be referred to as “great”. For many years, Steve Jobs was consid- ered a legend because of his spectacular impact in the field of science and tech- nology. During those years that he reigned in the industry, he was able to create in- credible gadgets and objects that are truly advantageous to mankind.
Steve Jobs was born into a family who was attached to political science. Steve at an early age already experienced what it felt like living without parents. He was then adopted by couple, Paul and Clara Jobs, who already had a daughter. Steve grew up in this family and later on became a part of it as he took the family’s surname. It was a great privilege for Steve to have such a caring and loving family such as this.
He had a biological sister, but they never had a chance to live together because they could not afford to live on their own at that time.
When Steve began to go to school, he didn’t have enough money to support his needs until he reached the 4th grade, where he met a teacher who inspired him to be the best he could be. He was so eager to learn things and he was
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