How Did Structural Concepts Influence The Use Of Advocacy And Inquiry?

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Introduction The King County Library System is the fifth largest library system in circulation in the United States. The current director of the KCLS, Bill Ptacek, started with the organization three years ago and is in the process of working towards a new strategic plan titled "The Year 2000 Plan, which has a long-term goal of integrating all the resources of the library system equally and to coordinate all the efforts to ensure it was providing the best possible service to the community. In the three years, Ptacek worked to expand the mission to cover services for the community to include children, life-long learning, career development, and literacy (case study, 1996, pg.2) The reworking of the mission and services of KCLS was in full swing, but there were still many organizational issues dealing with advocacy, encouraging public service motivation, and both human resource and structural problems.
Explain the use of advocacy & inquiry, or lack thereof that occurred throughout the case. How did structural concepts influence the use of advocacy and inquiry? Bolman and Deal (2013) define advocacy as "including statements that communicate what an individual actually thinks, knows, wants or feels" and inquiry as "seeks to learn what others think, know, want or feel," (pg. 167). The case study exemplifies instances of employees voicing their feelings on issues, but few occasions where upper management inquired about the feelings of employees on changes to services and

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