How Did The African Americans Contribute To The Haitian Revolution

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In the 18th century, Saint Dominigue, now known and Haiti, was France’s most profitable oversees colony. This was due to its large production of sugar, coffee, and cotton that was generated by the enslaved labor work force. When the French Revolution (1789) broke out, there are five different interest groups in the colony. They included white planters, petit blancs, and three groups of African descents. The white planters owned plantations and slaves. The petit blancs were artisans, shop keepers and teachers. The African groups comprised of free blacks, slaves, and escaped slaves. There were many whites that lived in Saint Dominigue that supported independence from France once France began to impose steep tariffs on many items that were imported…show more content…
On 21 Aug 1791, the enslaved acted first and began rebelling against the planters. By 1792, they had control over one third of the island. Before all of the fighting ended, 100,000 of the 500,000 blacks and 24,000 of the 40,000 whites had been killed. Even with all of the deaths, the former slaves still managed to hold off both the French and British forces that had arrived to try and conquer the colony. They all withdrew their forces in 1798 after they received many defeats from L’Ouverture and his forces. After a while, the Haitian Revolution lasted longer than the French Revolution. “Napoleon Bonaparte, the new ruler of France, sent his brother-in-law, General Charles Leclerc and 43,000 troops to capture L’Ouverture and restore French rule and slavery” (). With much help from the white colonists and mulatto forces, the French outmatched, outmaneuvered, and eventually wore down the black army. L’Ouverture eventually saw that he no longer had an advantage over the French and surrendered to Leclerc on 5 May 1802. It was said that the French had told L’Ouverture that he would be allowed to retire quietly. One month later, the French captured him and transported him to France where he ended up dying of “neglect from being left in a dungeon of Fort de Joux in the Jura Mountains on 7 Apr 1803”

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