How Did The American House Changed Over Time?

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The history of American housing is vast and in some areas complex, the Native Americans lived in harmony with the land and saw it as an extension of themselves and used it to their advantage when building shelter. Early settlers in the plains had to become resourceful in how they constructed their shelters. The industrial revolution gave raise to better, faster and more consistent materials. Mass influx of veterans coming home after World War II and a housing shortage brought a need for more housing. In modern society people are looking to lessen their impact on the environment while they continue to strive for the American dream. The one constant throughout these phases in American housing history is the need for protection for the elements and somewhere to call home. How has how has the American house changed over time? What factors have influenced these changes? Native Americans used locally available materials and the land to develop their shelters, in the Northwest the tribes would construct one room pit houses by excavating a hole in the ground about 36” deep and between 25-40 feet in diameter, they would then construct a log frame above the hole and cover that with dirt, sewn reed or grass mats which gave good protection from the elements in all seasons (Nabokov, Easton 176). In the Upper Midwest tribes built what was known as a longhouse using a structural from on the ground consisting of saplings that covered by bark sheets or reed mats. The longhouse would have
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