How Did The American Revolution Inspired The French Revolution

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The routes of the french revolution is a cyclical incline toward the pinnacle of blood and death. Each peak of uprising was sparked by enlightenment creators highlighting the injustices of the economic and social injustices caused by the French monarchy. With a quick google search of , “Which came first, the American or the French Revolution?” many will say that the American Revolution inspired The French. However the documents that cause the American people to revolt are many of the same writings and ideas that cause France to re-evaluate their civil system. The French revolution is a product of the free form creators of The Enlightenment; without the philosophers, writers, and thinkers, the population of france would continue to live the…show more content…
His opinion deems him quite unpopular with the majority of people in france, aside from the monarchy. Instead, Voltaire takes on an idyllic view of society where the monarchy treats everyone equally and with justice. His ideas that coincide with that of the french revolution is loss of clergy power, lower taxes, and equality. Being from a wealthy home, it seems that Voltaire didn’t understand the magnitude of the injustices faces the common people. He, as well as other philosophers and writers would gather in saloons to talk about the injustices with truly experiencing it themselves.
Thomas Hobbes also inspired many ideas present in the french revolution. Hobbes essentially tells the people of France that they have a right to war. Hobbes believe that to maintain peace within a country, “every man ought to endeavor peace, as far as he has hope of obtaining it; and when he cannot obtain it, that he may seek, and use all helps, and advantages of war.” His concept of war in order to obtain peace, is a modern outlook that for many frenchmen justified their cause. Because the monarchy is continuing to foster unjust treatment for their people, the people of France have no choice other than
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