How Did The Byzantine Empire Rise And Fall?

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In what ways did the Byzantine Empire rise and fall? The factors presented in this paper will analyze four keys to this question. They are religion, military, economic and foreign influences. After this thorough investigation, it will be shown how the rise and fall of this great Empire was directly influenced by the four key factors listed above.
Historians today call the ancient Empire located in modern-day Turkey, the Byzantine Empire. The name Byzantine was derived from the word Byzantium, which was an ancient Greek colony located between the Mediterranean Sea and Bosporus River. During its reign (dates), the Empire began its economic, religious, and military changes. During the 6th century, all of Rome was considered both eastern and western. However, by the 7th century, profound changes began and the eastern part of the Empire became the Byzantine Empire and its western counterpart became known as Western Rome (D. M. Nicol).
Religion played an important role in the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire. Conflicts between various religions effected the fall of the Empire. In specific, the conflicts between Christianity and Catholicism resulted in Byzantium not getting aid from Empires in support of Catholicism (D. Nicol). Weaknesses presented themselves from the Holy Wars and internal struggles such as monophysitism, which both damaged the Empire multiple times before its fall in AD 1453 (Rebecca Ratliff).
The Christian Church also called the Western
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