How Did The Case Study Person Implement Any Plan?

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(2.3, 2.5)How did the case study person implement any plan?  First and foremost, he understood his skills, interests, etc. before choosing his career.  Secondly, he concentrated on his goal and took coaching how to achieve it, collected knowledge about that particular goal and learned about all the related information. He did voluntarily jobs to learn cooking as in professional way.  After learning each and every corner of his cooking he was full of confident and chooses it as a successful career plan and also implement on it. (3.1)Ask your career case study person about the ‘fit’ of some of their jobs. His experience of cooking collected from his mother and his first senior chef Mr. Ali helped a lot to build his career in New Zealand. More than that, his great interest helped a lot in his career as without interest one can never achieve his target. That is the best ‘fit’ of his career and success. (3.1)Where there times when the fit seemed poor? Time when the fit was poor in his career:  It was difficult to find out a good opportunity in profession cookery in Fiji while he was living there.  His father denied supporting him in his profession as he disliked it.  Financial condition was not good to start a business in Australia for him. (3.1)How did the person resolve the issues? As his father was against him that time her mother encourage him and taught him basic cooking skills. She also supported him to send him abroad and arranged some money for him. His elder

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