How Did The Chinese Civil War Change In China

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The Chinese civil war
During 1927 to 1950 China was locked in a period of civil strife. It actually has been going on for much longer but this time it was between the two main warring forces. The nationalist Kuomintang party and the communist, communist party. Before China broke apart in different views they were ruled by long running dynasties. For China, it only took half a century to completely change their ways and become the very industrialised country we know now. The China in 1930 had twice the size of today’s US. It’s quite impressive that China was able to change so much with just a couple revolutions. In the 19th century China was ruled by the Qing dynasty same in the 18th and 17th. It was during the 19th century that the westerner colonists and merchants turned their focus to China. The Qing did not accept
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This led to an anti-foreign sentiment. In 1908 Pu-Yi a two-year-old rose to the throne. Under the leadership of a two-year-old china could only really stagnate. An exiled revolutionary Sun Yat-Sen saw the change in leadership as another chance to rid china of Qing rule. Sun previously has made many attempts at revolutions which all didn’t go as well as planned. Sun was quite familiar with western society and wanted china to change. Sun had three principles these were nationalism, democracy and livelihood, which he believed would benefit china. Then came the uprisings… there was the Qin-Lian uprising, the Hekou uprising, the Mapaoying uprising, the Gengxu new army uprising, the second Guangzhou uprising and then such an unexpected uprising happened that the people who were doing the uprising weren’t expecting it. The Wuchang uprising started in 1911, Sun Yat-Sen was still in exile at this time. For the first time in all of the uprises much of the military joined in. This revolt spread quickly and the provinces successfully broke away from the Qing
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