How Did The Cold War Change Our Society

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The 21st century is prospering; two Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity were launched, our first African-American president took place in office, Apple has grown and is worth 600 billion. Amidst all the events is racism and discrimination. Since the 16th century African-Americans were taken hostage as slaves. This sparked the rules of society, changing it forever. Society in the past has “educated” their people with laws formed by opinions, forever changing the society we see today. The reason for all this war is the way you are educated. You were taught to be an individual as much as possible. You were put up as an individual to work on many assignments and projects. The same goes to society; it puts you up as an individual, in their group. Not many people have realized…show more content…
Many African-Americans were shot dead in an armed robbery by a white police officer. Terrorism in different areas because of religion: 9/11, Brussels bombing, London bombing, Madrid train bombing, and so on. These terrorist acts and groups are formed because of discrimination. Many of these terrorist group like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are formed around religion. “The society in which we live is desperately menaced, not by Khrushchev, but from within.” Khrushchev was lead the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Although he didn’t start the war because of discrimination, Baldwin is trying to prove a point. Citizens look at leaders of different groups such as ISIS, drug cartels in Mexico, and the KKK and only hate the leader of that group. But, society needs to see the group as one. The whole group started the bombing, the raids, the massacres, not just the leader. Khrushchev might have planned the attacks, but none of his followers told him no. This was why he was so successful and some points during the way. Saying no to society leads you to their path of corruption. In addition, opinions become the concrete of laws of

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