How Did The Dwarf Rune Fight

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The Dwarf Rune-King's cry of victory was cut short, literally; threw back his head and began to shout a cry of Victory! But his cry of pride turned into a scream of horror; a spear had pierced through his throat, blood gushed forth from the wound. On the king's shoulder was… It was a great goblin, he let loose that awful high-pitched screech! With a start; the observing artillery-dwarf realized that this was the same goblin that the champion of the dwarfs dueled for the mountain, he had that same wild, and savage look in his eyes, the blisters fresh from being burned, but he died during the duel… . . . The silence before the battle was overwhelming, our enmity towards the goblins was the almost uncontrollable, when the goblin warlord, sent a goblin messenger who called a duel for the mountain, our champion was somewhat reticent to accept the invitation to duel, I talked with him. As I entered his tent, the king exited, I saw the champion: My brother-in-law, Mortis. I embraced him like I would one of my brothers. “I won’t do it, Brother.” he said, I looked at him like I understood; which I didn’t. “You know how the goblins are…” “No!” I said “I have fought many things in my twenty years of service to the king.” “Then you will learn.” my blood brother replied bitterly.” “I believe that you should do it… The duel.” I said. My brother laughed without humor “goblins are pitiful foes, but I pity them not, they use every tactic to survive. For them, it is the survive of the sneakiest, treacherous, most backstaming goblins ever created!” I started to reply but was interrupted by my brother. “It is easy for you to say,…show more content…
I thought, as I donned my chain mail. Then I put on my gift from the King; an arrow/bullet proof vest… Supposedly. I reached for my double barrelled black powder rifle, I grabbed my hammer and wrench, and donned my battlepack(the latest model). And marched toward the area where the duel would take

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