How Did The Europeans Colonize Africa

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Global domination,that is one of the biggest selling points for a unstable continent like africa and when the europeans decided to pay africa a visit they were planning on taking africa for their king and country.That is only one of the reason the europeans decided to colonize africa and after they did africa was never the same.

Out of all the reasons to colonize africa the sure amount of raw resources were one of the bigger ones.This was important because when the europeans realized that there was so many raw materials like gold they realized that the trade that they could establish could benefit europe in the long haul.Another very important for the colonization was that the europeans were trying to convert and change the beliefs of the people in africa.The europeans were trying to establish a connection between the people of africa by converting their religion so that the africans and the europeans can be on the same page in terms of beliefs.
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