How Did The Europeans Contribute To The Spread Of Maritime Expansion

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When maritime expansion began, China participated not because they were interested in trading rather they wanted to broaden their empire to show the rest of the world their power and achievements. Trade did come into play when the Ming sought to expanding the empire, however it was more about curiosity of the new lands. China did set up trading with Western countries for a short period of time before they realized that the West did not offer them as much as they had hoped for. The Europeans still were interested in trading with China so they allowed one trading port only, Macao. This did not last long as China began to think Europeans were a threat to their way of life and decided to limit their interaction with them. Eventually the Dutch East India Company had formed and showed favor in China by acknowledging the emperors superiority. Although China had wanted to decrease their contact with Westerners, especially trading with them, Chinese scholars and intellects took interest in the Jesuits and allowed them to enter their country on a limited basis.
Catholic missionaries joined the merchants from Spain and Portugal to China. The Dominicans and Franciscans wanted to try to convert the lower class of China, the …show more content…

They first allowed trading to occur but then limited how much the Europeans could trade with them. The most significant contact with Westerners was through the Jesuits. The Jesuits had a tremendous effect on China in terms of bring with them the knowledge of new technology like clocks as well as new advancements in science like astronomy. Although the Jesuits succeeded in converting some Chinese scholars to Christianity, the emperor eventually put a halt to the conversion and banned missionaries from entering China. This resulted in China’s empire to become more isolated and even more

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