How Did The Feminist Movement Address The Issues Surrounding Women 's Rights?

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How did the feminist movement address the issues surrounding women’s rights in terms of their bodies? Women were starting to make progression in equality in terms of jobs and pay but still lacked to reform on issues that surrounded women and control they lacked in society over their bodies. One of the first things protested was the Miss America contest. The selection of Miss America still painted women to be as men and society thought they should be. Women said Miss America was oppressive and as a result they threw their bras, eyelashes, and any other product of women’s garbage into a “freedom trashcan.” While these women were working to change the physical view of women, others were working changing the rights of women. One of the bigger issues that surround women’s bodies and their rights was abortion. During this time about one million abortions were preformed every year but only about ten thousand were actually legal. If you had money abortions or other resources were available to you, yet if you were poor there wasn’t much support and your options were extremely limited. Poorer women often ended up in hospitals post illegal abortions due to injury or infection. Women wanted to decided weather to have or not have a baby without government interference. Finally, the supreme court ruled that abortions could be preformed before the last three months of pregnancy. Child care centers were also something that hadn’t been provided previously. Now child care centers were
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