How Did The Great Migration Impact The Culture Of America

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Thesis Statement
The Great Migration was a topic chosen to prove that African Americans have shaped America into what it is today. With information from reliable sources, the paper proves the claim with evidence such as (a) African Americans have transformed America by affecting the racial makeup of America, (b) they influenced different music, literature, and art, and (c) they shaped the places where black people lived, despite racial restrictions on where they could live, which were often ghettos. The evidence collected assisted in proving that African Americans have impacted the culture of America.

I chose my topic “How Did the Great Migration Impact the Culture of America?” in order to learn more about my ancestors and how my country became what it is now. I also chose my topic to prove the claim that African Americans helped formed what America is today. Research lead me to various credible websites, journals, and articles that conveyed quality evidence that supported my claim. From these sources, I learned not only about black culture and its influence on white America, but also about the Harlem Renaissance, a time of black music, poetry, and art. In addition, studies proved African Americans only make up 12.3% of the American population. Because of these reasons, I concluded that African Americans greatly impacted the culture of America.

How Did the Great Migration Impact the Culture of America?
The relocation of over six million
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