How Did The Holocaust Affect Africa's Humanity

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The African Holocaust was the most egregious and ruthless act taken against humanity, as slave traders disconnected Africa’s citizens from families; and, deprived them of their God-given right to exist as a human being. The thought of entering trade agreements with various countries in one continent for the sole purpose to buy, sell, and enslave men, women, and children, for life, seems incomprehensible to the modern world, but over the course of nearly four hundred years, this was the Maafa, the greatest tragedy, for at least twelve million Africans that were stripped from their homeland, enslaved, and brutalized in Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas.

In the midst of slavery’s storm, European slave traders used sales tactics that catastrophically diminished Africa’s reputation and African’s humanity. In the process, they destroyed Africa’s historical truth; and created images that Africans were unrefined savages that mindlessly roamed the grasslands with bones jutting from their noses, in loincloths, and spears in hand…simply as if they were mere human and behaved as untamed animals. Classifying Africans as inferior and uneducated is racist in theory
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While each ethnic group had their own language, there are also over 100 inter-ethnic languages applied to allow for communication among the thousands of ethnic groups. When Europeans arrived in Africa, they manipulated the spoken language by imposing French, Spanish, English, and other European languages as a “neutral alternative” to the myriad of languages spoken across ethnic groups. African’s multilingualism clearly counters the idealist’s impression that ethnic groups in Africa were
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