How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect Society?

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Over the course of time there have been many advancements made to society, changes in how the world works, and the way humanity lives. From living in caves and scavenging for food to having heated homes, tweeting, grocery stores progress is an inevitable factor of civilization and mankind. The simplest thing like bug spray can be considered an advancement. Although small and maybe even insignificant, bug spray serves a larger purpose to those who really need it. To certain areas or societies, it can mean the difference between life and death in an area where diseases like malaria are prevalent. In 2013, an estimated 437,000 African children died before their fifth birthday due to malaria. Certain locations are more advanced than others, but…show more content…
This shift created a middle class due to the fact that goods were being produced at a faster more efficient rate and being bought for a lower price, allowing people to have left over money that could be used on personal items rather than for survival. Creating the third class in an otherwise dual class system of rich and poor, formally the bourgeois and the proletariat. Another important effect the Industrial Revolution had on society was the formation of unions. In the beginning of the revolution employers would not provide safe working conditions or equal working wages. Women formed the first union requesting that they be paid the same amount as a man for the same amount of work. Other unions, not specified to women, fought for safer and more sanitary working conditions. For one of the first times in history employees had felt the power to stand up for themselves and demand things from their boss, in a reasonable fashion. This shows that due to the rapid technological advancements, society had to advance as well to properly function amongst the change. Advancement usually occurs as a direct result of another change because as one thing changes the other things that affects it or it is effect by needs to adapt as
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