How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect Women

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The Industrial Revolution was a time of advancement in technology which influenced the future of processing goods. It began in Great Britain during the late 18th century and spread to Belgium, France, Western Italy, Russia, and the United States after 1815. The Industrial Revolution introduced the spinning jenny, steam engine, steel process, and many more inventions revolutionizing a more efficient method. It changed countries’ economies, shifting them from an agricultural based economy to manufacturing based. Although the Industrial Revolution brought a future of innovation, it, overall, had many negative aspects. By 1900, the Industrial Revolution affected the common man and woman poorly due to the desire for cheaper labor exposing children …show more content…

Factories abused their influence over the workers to cut costs and increase profit. Factories and other industries not only abused their influence, but they provided harsh and dangerous working conditions for their workers. A lack of jobs in the country gave an appeal to industrial jobs in cities, but as more people migrated towards urban areas, contractors rushed the making of buildings leading to overpopulated cities and cramped living conditions. The negative aspects of the Industrial Revolution have influenced the manufacturing process of the 21st century. Although many countries have legally banned child labor, many companies place their factories in undeveloped countries, and a majority of these workers are children. An advantage of the location of these factories is the accessibility to cheap labor. The workers in second world countries do not demand a high pay allowing companies to take advantage of them. Because factory workers were treated so badly during the Industrial Revolution, unions were created to help groups of workers demand basic needs. As for cities, many central cities are overpopulated causing housing prices to skyrocket. Overall, the Industrial Revolution negatively influenced the common man and woman before 1900, and the negative aspects are present

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