How Did The Influence Classical Greek Art

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The Influence of Classical Greek Art throughout the Eras The forms and styles of Classical Greek art were the essential backbone of artwork and have drawn inspiration for artists through various periods of art ranging from the beginning of the Roman Empire to present day art. The Classical Greek sculptures were typically composed of marble and the body forms had a much idealized style; where the forms represented ideal body types. One of the most popular sculpture forms during the Classical Greek art period during 600 to 300 BCE, was the male nude sculptures. The male nude sculptures represented the ideal male figure during the earlier centuries. One of the most popular male nude sculptures that represent Classical Art is the marble sculpture of Doryphorus (450-440 BCE) by Polykleitos. The male nude sculpture is in a very relaxed pose where his right leg is in the background and his arms are in a stance that represents movement…show more content…
However, the Roman artists contributed their own additions to Greek art. Instead of taking an idealized approach when completing works of art, the Roman’s used the style of verism. The concept of verism was to make their artwork as realistic and similar to human forms as possible, hence why it was known as the “warts and all” style. During the 1st Century, a marble sculpture of Augustus of Primaporta was made which displayed the ruler in a powerful stance as a young leader. In comparison to the Greek sculpture of Doryphorus, both marble statues display movement; however the Roman sculpture had the purpose of displaying power and not looking as relaxed and idealistic as the Greek sculpture. Augustus’ hand is raised in the sculpture and he is wearing a chest plate that displays images of his victories as a leader. The sculpture acted as propaganda due to the idealization of the leader and depicting him during his prime achievements as a
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