How Did The Light Bulb Impact Society

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What do you think had the biggest impact on society? In my opinion I strongly believe that the light bulb has had the greatest impact on society. Some people say that the light bulb does not last that long for the price it costs yeah but, the light bulb was a long history of impact on society and it also affects us today. Most importantly the light bulb makes society better in many ways. Like it uses less energy here’s an example in the average home light bulbs and small appliances use anywhere between 15-20 amps of electricity. That’s not that much cause the dishwasher uses about 1400 amps that’s insane and lights are almost always on.
First of all the light bulb has a long history first it was created in 1879 that was 138 years ago! The
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First of all city’s started to buy light bulbs helped people see late at night so they can stay outside later or they can see where they are going so they do not get lost and it helped people with work and just being inside like it helped people see what they were doing inside so they did not eat raw meat and die or like old food like bread or meat. That really helped them also the lightbulb helped people see when they were working late like you couldn’t goo and sell or buy groceries late at night because no one can see anything inside the sun wasn’t giving the light because it was the night time. Lightbulbs are also used in cars like the headlights in you’re car or you’re parents cars and if lightbulbs were never invented the cars would not have lights on the so they would only have to drive during the day in clear weather like if there is really thick fog they wouldn’t be able to drive because without the lights in the car they could only drive in clear days like if there was no fog or it was really dark outside if it was dark they would not see where they were going and then they could crash into something without the lights on the front of their car. And also the lights on the back that show when they are reversing or stooping cause the other cars might not know that you are backing up or stopping so they could keep going and then they would run into the back of your car.
So that’s why in my opinion I strongly believe that the lightbulb had the greatest impact on society. Cause it has a long history being created in 1879. Also it effects our lives today. And how it makes society
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