How Did The Meiji Restoration A Change In Japanese Society

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The Meiji Restoration, refers to the events that led to the “restoration” of power to Emperor Meiji Tenno. The previous political and military leader of Japan had been the Tokugawa shogunate, but due to the intrusion of the western powers, particularly the Americans, under the command of Commodore Perry, the Shogun was forced to return power to the Emperor. This restoration of power led to many changes in Japanese society such as the social structure, the education system and the Japanese economy that has contributed to Japan becoming a modern world power.

One of the biggest changes that happened in the Japanese society because of the Meiji Restoration was the change in social structure. Instead of being dictated their roles in life by the Tokugawa Shogunate, “millions of people were free to choose their occupation and move without restrictions” (AFA, 2014). However not all previous social roles were allowed to continue on under Emperor Meiji. The Samurai social class was made obsolete (ABC Splash, 2016). Instead a new army, modelled on the superior strength of the American army was formed. By making people free to choose their
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The government than also led in the way of building railways and shipping lines, telegraphs and telephone systems, three shipyards, ten mines, fifty-three consumer industries. The Meiji Government opened their borders, allowing japan to improve their basic infrastructure, improving communication and to be able to travel from city to city easier. The markets were often based on main roads/path ways, rivers and special temples so that the local sellers are able to easily bring their items to the markets, according to (The Program for Teaching East Asia 2008). In doing this Japan was able to become more richer and Emperor Meiji was able to turn Japan into a modern world power as we see it
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